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3 Positions Having the Best Sex for Fat Men

Many obese men who feel inferior have sex due to excessive weight. In fact, how great the performance of sex can not only be seen from the large numbers on the scale. Come on, show your ability to satisfy your partner in bed through the best sex positions for obese men.

What is the best sex position for fat men?

1. Missionary, but you kneel

Missionary is a classic sex position that is a mainstay of many couples. But if you are a fat man, maybe the penetration will be more difficult.

Now, so you don't get your stomach in the way when you "enter", change your position slightly so it's not right directly above your partner. Ask your partner to lie down and open his legs to the side. Position your body kneeling between the "cages" of both legs to begin penetration.

You can also ask him to tie his legs on your shoulders. To add to the pleasure, tuck the pillow just below the back so that the position of the vagina is slightly raised to allow easier and deeper penetration.

2. Side by side

In the position of the woman lying on her side, the man embraces and holds his woman from behind in a half kneeling position. You can also lift a pair of legs so that penetration is easier to do, or place your partner's feet on your left shoulder.

While penetrating, you can "intervene" to caress and play sensitive areas of your partner's body while adjusting the speed of penetration you want quickly.

3. The woman above

If you tend to get tired during sex, maybe it's time to bestow the authority to make love to your partner through the position of cowgirl aka woman on top. This position gives women more power to adjust the speed and depth of penetration according to their wishes.

First position you lying on your back then the woman begins to rise to her lap. You can face each other or women turn their backs on their men. Slowly, move the woman's body and hips in tune with the beat of the man to reach orgasm.

Fat men can also do this position by placing a few pillows under the head so that their hands can reach the breast and the front of a woman's body.

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