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6 Benefits of Sex in the Morning, Plus Tips for Success Without Having to Hurry

Most people still think that sex is a ritual that can only or can be done at night. In fact, sex in the morning is not impossible. Starting a day with flirting with your partner can even be an antigagal encouragement for you to live a busy day. Moreover, the benefits of sex in the morning for you and your partner?

Sex in the morning is as good as sex at night

If you and your partner manage their time smartly, sex in the morning can bring the following benefits:

1. Reducing aches

Instead of waking up more excited, you or your partner actually exhausted or sore? Sex after waking up can be a panacea.

Sex is actually the same as cardio or muscle stretching exercises that keep your body active. Well, the sweat you get during sex actually stimulates the production of endorphins.

Endorphins are natural substances that function to reduce pain so that stiffness is replaced with a body that feels lighter and fitter. One row, two three islands are over, ‘right?

2. Make both of you more intimate

Hugging, kissing, or caressing each other in the morning helps the body produce more of the hormone oxytocin, also called the love hormone.

Oxytocin is a chemical compound in the brain that controls feelings of love, affection, and other positive emotions. With the release of this love hormone, you will feel more comfortable, intimate, and bound to one another.

In addition, morning sex is also a good way to vent a stunted passion for a long time because the levels of estrogen and testosterone are quite high at the beginning of the day so that sexual arousal becomes greater and the erection becomes stronger.

The more passionate, of course both of you performance on the bed will be more stable so that physical and emotional satisfaction after sex also feels more profitable.

3. Make the mood better

The production of endorphins and oxytocin in your brain as long as you make out is proven to make your day more enjoyable.

The combination of both can help make the mood better and reduce stress symptoms. As a result, you both are not easily affected by stress and excessive anxiety during your busy life. Both of you also become more enthusiastic.

4. Improve memory

Unexpectedly, the benefits of sex in the morning can also be felt by the brain. A study from Oxford University in the United Kingdom has stated that sex has the potential to support your memory because during that time there will be many new brain cells that grow. The process of inflammation of the brain will also decrease accordingly.

In addition to sharpening memory, sex in the morning also helps you be more focused and productive to complete all work more efficiently.

5. Increase endurance

Sex is like sports. Both make us active and move the heart rate faster so that the body becomes sweaty. Well, doing physical activities like cardio is proven to help strengthen metabolism and endurance.

 6. Make you young

All beneficial hormones produced by the brain while you combine love with your partner can help prevent aging. The benefits of sex are fun, right?

The study reported on the BBC News website showed that people who have sex 3 or more times a week have faces that look younger than people who rarely make out. Especially if it's done in the morning, after you already know what the benefits are.

Tips for successful sex in the morning without having to rush

For couples who want to occasionally try sex in the morning but do not want to be rushed to other obligations, maybe it's good to try a few tips below:

  • Place an alarm about 20 to 30 minutes before your morning wake-up schedule, so that it is enough for you and your partner to make out one another
  • Start with foreplay such as hugs, touches, kisses, or sensual caresses before making a judgment.
  • Ask your partner to directly target touches and caresses in areas of your body that are sensitive so that you are quickly aroused. Likewise with you so that couples can quickly "hot".
  • If you are disturbed by morning light, you can do it under a blanket or close the window curtain. (Don't forget to lock the door, too!)
  • Choose a position that is safe and does not consume too much energy, such as classic missionaries or while sitting in a lap.
  • Also try variations in other sex activities such as oral sex or handjobs, if you don't have enough time to penetrate
  • If you are embarrassed by bad breath or body odor, you can invite your partner to brush your teeth or take a shower together first.

Generally, many couples have sex at night. In fact, sex can also be done in the morning before you struggle with each other's work. Even the benefits will be maximized if done at the weekend when you and your partner are not busy. Interested in trying?

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