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Avoiding Ulcer Relapse While on Vacation

Everyone likes to take a vacation. However, holidays can be painful if you experience an ulcer. Let's look at the following tips on how to prevent ulcers from happening during the holidays:


You can buy over-the-counter medicines while traveling. Or you can bring your own medicine, especially if you have a severe ulcer and need to prescribe medication to control symptoms. It is a good idea to bring a doctor's prescription and contact in case you need to ask a doctor.

Tips to avoid heartburn

Avoid eating in large quantities

It's common if someone eats constantly during the holidays. In fact, the stomach can only handle food at one time, you need to break down the food and digest it before digesting it again.

Obviously, your stomach doesn't have time to digest all food if you eat too much. This is the most common reason people get indigestion. The key is to trick the mind by using smaller plates, which can make the food portion look bigger.

Relax while eating

Your body can be easily stressed while on vacation. Rushing to finish shopping or hurrying to move to another place might put you in a hurry. When you are in sympathetic mode, you cannot digest food properly because your body prioritizes the continuity of your stress rather than digestion. So, try to relax, take a breath and remind yourself to eat and chew slowly which helps the digestive system work effectively.

Know yourself

Choose foods that do not cause stomach irritation that do not trigger heartburn, and avoid these foods. Try to avoid foods like onions, chocolate, tomato sauce, soft drinks, coffee, orange juice and alcohol. Instead, other choices might support your digestion such as bone broth, fermentation, ginger tea, and fresh cabbage. As for protein, look for steamed shrimp, salmon, and other protein-rich light snacks.

Avoid tight clothing when eating

Tight clothing can restrict the stomach and give more pressure to the lower abdomen and esophageal sphincter, which causes ulcers to occur. Loose clothing is the best choice for holidays which requires a lot of movement and activities.

Avoid lying down after eating

In a hurry while on vacation activities can draw your energy quickly, so you can feel very tired after a long journey and want to lie down after eating. And clearly, the digestive process will be disrupted if you lie down after eating, which can increase the risk of heartburn. You have to wait at least 3 hours before touching the bed and avoid eating late more than 8pm.

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