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How Many Times Should Have Sex in a Week to Stay Intimate?

Sex is one of the main foundations for keeping households durable, intimate and harmonious. Yes. Intimacy and communication are the needs of every person who has love. Reporting from NBC News, Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a psychologist and founder of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, said, "It's important to maintain a sex life that can strengthen bonding and intimacy, especially if you've been in a relationship for years."

But to achieve all that, how many times should you have sex in a week?

Apparently, having sex in a week must be this often

A study published online in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior reports that the average adult in the United States has at least 54 times a year. That means the average American has sex once a week throughout the year.

However, the number above is not a benchmark that is a necessity. In fact, there is never a definite benchmark for determining how many times you should have sex in a week or a year. Why?

It is important to understand that the frequency of making love for each partner can be influenced by many different factors. Starting from age, busyness and lifestyle, health of each partner, natural libido level, and of course the quality of their relationship as a whole.

That's why everyone's "often sex" standards may vary. There are those every other day, 3-4 times a week, up to a month or two months. All of this is actually still normal and legitimate, depending on each partner. Moreover, the older you and your partner, it is very natural to have less sex because sex drive decreases naturally due to one thing or another.

The more often sex is not necessarily happy

In fact, how often you have sex in a week does not guarantee you will be more harmonious and happy than couples who rarely make love.

This is evidenced by a study published online journal Social Psychology and Personality Science which conducted a survey of 30 thousand Americans for 40 years. The results showed that couples who were asked to have sex regularly once a week did not feel more satisfied and happy than before.

As described above, the lively sex life of a partner can be influenced by many different factors. Dr. Logan Levkoff, PhD, a sex educator and love affair from New York University argues that sexual satisfaction cannot be judged only by how often you have sex but more on the quality of open communication.

Levkoff also added that household intimacy is not only limited to sex. Other activities, such as hugging, holding hands, kissing, going out on a date, working together to clean the house can also strengthen your inner bond.

Tips for frequent sex

There is no standardized standard number to require you how many times you have to make love in a week. Even so, sex remains one of the important factors that can help increase household intimacy.

Well, so that you and your partner can make sex a household routine, here are some tips that you can try at home to keep the passion of romance burning.

1. Make the right schedule

Don't make work busy and take care of children as an excuse to be absent from lovemaking sessions. What is there, your passion both for a long time can actually be totally extinguished not saved.

It's good to sit together to discuss making love schedules that can be mutually agreed upon. Just like making a schedule of meetings in the office, taking notes on sex schedules on the calendar will instantly make you realize to empty time and make it a priority.

Choose a day where you and your partner are not too busy.

2. Build the mood section to make love

Passion for sex that does not fit is natural, but certainly should not be allowed. On the other hand, you also may not force if your partner is feeling tired and not in the mood for sex. And vice versa if you are feeling tired, do not immediately flatly refuse his seduction to make out.

To get around the atmosphere of the house still romantic and intimate, you can both do other things that arouse passion without having to undress. For example, go to a romantic dinner, give a massage, or just a kelonan in bed by hugging and kissing.

You can also offer "services" for oral sex or handjob when he really has no energy left.

In essence, regardless of how many times you have sex in a week, communication and understanding are the keys to a satisfying sex life.

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