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Overcome Insomnia With This Simple Relaxation Technique

When experiencing insomnia, the body feels erratic. The body can be tired but to close your eyes to sleep it feels very difficult. If you have managed to sleep, sometimes there are things that make you wake up in the middle of the night until it's hard to close your eyes again. Don't worry, try to overcome your insomnia by practicing this simple relaxation technique.

Sequence of relaxation techniques to overcome insomnia

If you experience insomnia, you should do this simple relaxation exercise before going to bed or when you wake up at night and have difficulty returning to sleep. The key to this relaxation technique is focusing on breathing and also the body. The following sequence is reported by the National Sleep Foundation:

1. Find the most comfortable sleeping position

The first thing to do is look for a position that you think is most comfortable for sleeping. You can lie on your back or sideways. Let yourself feel relaxed, then focus on what is felt. When you focus and relax, you can feel the body and surface of the mattress feels attached. Release all tension so that the muscles can relax slowly.

2. Focus attention on the body

If your mind begins to drift to the annoying event this morning or tomorrow's work, slowly bring your attention back to the body. It's not easy, but if you continue to train you can definitely focus on the body.

Feel how the body feels very sore and the mattress is so comfortable to support the body. Then, try to feel again every part of the body from the head to the toes. Let go of all tension and don't think of anything other than what you feel at that moment.

3. Listen to the sound of breath

After you focus on the body, the next step is to concentrate on breathing sounds. Try to hear and feel every pull and breath. If the mind drifts back, slowly try to bring back your attention by listening to the sound of breath.

Also feel the air passing through your nose. Feel the sensation of coolness in your nose when you breathe it and feel warm when you exhale it.

4. Take a deep breath

To help the body relax, all you need to do next is take a deep breath. Pull through the nose and exhale as slowly as possible through the mouth. To be more focused, hold your stomach while breathing and feel the sensation of ups and downs. Repeat this several times until you feel much more relaxed than before.

Deep breathing helps reduce muscle tension, slows breathing rate and heart rate, and lowers blood pressure and metabolism. Long, slow pulls and breaths are very similar to the breathing rate during sleep. That way, you try to imitate this breathing pattern to help the body to relax more like when sleeping.

Do this relaxation technique for several minutes to help the body relax. Every time your mind gets out of its way, slowly return by focusing on the sound of your breath.

Instead of directly using drugs, there's no harm in trying this relaxation technique first to overcome your insomnia.

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