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Study: Have Higher Body Posture, Higher Cancer Risk (Why?)

Having a tall body as long as it is everyone's dream. Maybe including you too. A high body posture like a supermodel can support your self-confidence as well as an attraction for the opposite sex. However, who would have thought that having a tall body turned out to save a lot of health risks? A study revealed that tall people are at greater risk of getting cancer. Wow!

Have a tall body, why is the risk of cancer high?

The association between height and increased risk of cancer was found by a study by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, after years of observing more than 5 million tall people and over 20 years old. The research team also measured their exact height and medical history so far.

The result? The risk of cancer increases to around 10% for every 10 centimeters added to your height.

High body signs of early puberty

Researchers suspect that the increased risk of cancer is related to the growth process of tall people who are generally faster than those who are shorter. High body posture has long been considered a sign of early puberty, that the person managed to fulfill the complete nutrition at the beginning of the growth period.

Hormonal changes and certain food intake that triggers growth in early adolescence are believed to contribute to increasing a person's risk of developing cancer later in life.

Researchers also believe that large tall people generally have more cells in the body, as well as larger organ sizes and volumes, which tend to be more susceptible to cancer-causing cell mutations.

This theory is reinforced by another study from the University of California headed by Leonard Nunney, PhD, a biologist. Nunney argues that a tall body has more numbers of larger size cells. This allows more genetic programmed cells to develop abnormally.

The highest risk of skin cancer and prostate cancer is reported

The first study from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden did not specifically mention any cancer associated with height. However, they report height does not affect the risk of several types of cancer, such as pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, and oral cancer.

Meanwhile, a study conducted by Nunney found an increased risk of cancer related to height was very large in skin cancer.

"The risk of skin cancer is related to hormones. In tall-bodied people who are more than average, the circulation of a growth hormone called IGF-1 is slightly faster. This can accelerate the process of dividing certain cells in the skin, thereby increasing the risk of skin cancer, "explained Nunney.

As with the Oxford University study published in BMC Medicine. They found that men who have large tall bodies are at greater risk of dying from malignant prostate cancer than those with short stature. Every 10 centimeters added to a man's height increases the risk of malignant prostate cancer by 21 percent.

The risk of cancer is not only determined by height

Although the risk needs to be watched out, it does not mean you have to panic if you have a tall body. Height and risk of cancer are equally affected by genetic parental inheritance. Even so, genes are not the only determinant of your destiny.

The studies above do not relate the relation of cancer risk to lifestyle patterns, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, sun exposure, free radicals from pollution, or other factors that affect cancer risk.

Yes! Various external environmental factors such as daily habits, diet, and not applying the principle of safe sex also greatly influence the increased risk of cancer. Also included if you already have other medical conditions that can trigger cancer. Like obesity.

The risk of cancer for people who are tall and tall is not bigger than a bad lifestyle. So, if you have a tall body, don't worry. Having the risk of getting cancer is not a sure guarantee that you will get cancer, but shows how likely you are to get cancer.

So if you are tall but able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, you don't have to worry too much. Risk of getting cancer is not a sure guarantee that you will get cancer, but shows how likely you are to get cancer.

As long as you maintain your diet, exercise regularly, stop smoking, and limit drinking alcohol, you can control cancer risk.

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