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4 Important Criteria for Determining Your Health Insurance Premium

Big premiums or insurance contributions may be one of your considerations when choosing health insurance. Although expensive insurance contributions also provide more benefits, this is actually no guarantee that you really need it. Actually, how do you calculate the right health insurance premium?

How to calculate health insurance premiums

Every health insurance company offers different premiums and benefits. Some are focused on offering health insurance for women, some are focused on critical illness insurance.

Well, depending on what type of insurance you choose, the amount of health insurance premiums will be calculated based on several factors. Among others are:

  • Age and sex
  • Profession
  • Family support
  • History of the disease

If you choose private health insurance, there will be a special team of insurance companies that will estimate and calculate the amount of health costs that you will claim. That's where insurance will set your insurance premium.

Suppose you are a 30-year-old man who works as an office worker. You have a history of high blood pressure. From there, insurance will estimate the risk of diseases and health problems that you may experience in the future, such as hypertension or heart disease.

The insurance company then analyzes the cost of treating heart disease that you will claim if you get sick at any time. Based on the analysis of the data, the insurance company will get the insurance premium amount that suits your personal condition.

What factors are seen as a way to calculate insurance premiums?

1. Adjust to age and gender

The amount of government insurance contributions, namely BPJS Kesehatan, is generally the same for all ages. Children, adults, to the elderly have the same premium. The only difference is the service class taken, whether you take class I, II, or III.

Unlike government insurance, some private health insurance sets different contributions based on the age of the participants. The older a person is, the more expensive the premium must be spent.

The reason is that the elderly tend to be more susceptible to disease, so they need more treatment or care. Especially if the pattern of his life has been unhealthy since he was young, then the risk of the disease will also be greater when old age.

In addition, the contribution amount for male and female participants may also be different, you know. This is because diseases that usually attack women and men are not the same.

2. Your profession

How to calculate health insurance premiums, the next important thing is to consider the type of work or your profession. Because, this has something to do with your income every month.

The amount of BPJS Health contributions depends on the type of your daily work. For example, the amount of premium for Civil Servants (PNS) is certainly different from the premium charged to traders, right? Yes, this is because the income of people who work as civil servants is greater than the income of traders, so the contributions are also different.

Meanwhile, premiums for private insurance tend to be more expensive than health insurance from the government. This also depends on the insurance company and the type of insurance you take.

Before you determine your health insurance premium, adjust it to your income first. No need to force to choose expensive fees to get a lot of service. Most importantly, you can pay health insurance premiums on time and in accordance with your ability.

3. Consider the cost of living and family dependents

The amount of family expenses also affects the amount of your health insurance contributions. Because the premium contribution for individual insurance will certainly be different from the premium for family insurance.

That is why, one way to calculate health insurance premiums is to calculate the number of dependents and family expenses. The trick is to count the number of wives, children, and family members who live at home with you and the cost of daily necessities.

That way, you will find it easier to set aside costs for family life needs and costs for health insurance. It is also useful to avoid over budget every month.

4. History of the disease

In the world of insurance, the type of disease that you can determine can be the amount of contributions that must be paid. The more severe the type of disease you are suffering from, usually the more expensive fees you have to sacrifice.

Moreover, not all types of diseases are covered by private health insurance. Yes, there are a number of diseases which are apparently not borne by insurance, such as HIV / AIDS, congenital diseases, diseases caused by the outbreak, and as

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