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Already Enough Sleep, But Wake Up Morning Even Exhausted. Why?

We are always stressed to be able to get enough sleep 7-8 hours every night. But if you've followed this advice, why are you still tired when you wake up? There are several things that can cause this. Maybe one of them you experience without realizing it.

Causes of tired body when you wake up

There are some habits that can cause the body to get tired when you wake up even though you are sure you have enough sleep. The following causes:

1. Sleep restlessly

Consider the condition of the bed when you wake up in the morning. If the tofu pillow is "stranded" on the floor and the sheets and blankets are matted for mercy on the edge of the bed, you may have a habit of "grasping" during sleep but have never realized it all along.

The habit of not being able to be still while sleeping may indicate that you have restless leg syndrome (RLS). People with this syndrome can continue to experience uncomfortable sensations in both legs, such as tingling or burning sensations, so that they are unknowingly used to shaking their legs to relieve the sensation.

This syndrome can make you not sleep well even though you have enough to sleep 7-8 hours. Because, you will often wake up in the middle of the night to continue to be trapped in the phase of "sleeping chicken" aka half-sleep-half waking. This lack of sleep is what makes the body tired when getting up early.

2. Mapping teeth while sleeping

One more sleepless habit that can disturb your sleep soundly. The habit of clenching teeth during sleep (aka bruxism) will make the jaw and muscles around the mouth move and tighten throughout the night.

This condition will make facial muscles fatigued which will have an impact on fatigue throughout the body, because you continue to release energy throughout the night without your knowing it.

3. Play the gadget before going to bed

In this modern and sophisticated era, it is certainly difficult for you not to social media scrolling on your cellphone or laptop before going to bed. Unfortunately, this habit can make you tired when you wake up even though you get enough sleep.

The blue light emitted by your device's screen can interfere with the brain's ability to produce melatonin which triggers sleepiness and sleep reflexes, said W. Christopher Winter, M.D., doctor and author of The Sleep Solution. As a result your body actually struggles hard to sleep so that it does not sound good. Only feeling tired appears to greet you when you wake up in the morning.

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