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Come on, persuade the lazy child with breakfast with 3 tricks

Facing lazy children sometimes makes parents annoyed. How not, you might have been preparing breakfast, hmm, your little one was reluctant to eat. Whether because I do not like the breakfast menu or still sleepy. Eits, don't be mad at first. Take a deep breath and persuade the child to eat with the following trick right.

How to deal with lazy children having breakfast in the morning

Breakfast is the most important thing you can't miss, especially for children. Because, there are many benefits of breakfast that your child can get, starting from making the child's body more energized in the morning to increase the concentration of children in the class.

If the child is lazy to eat breakfast, the little one can get hungry quickly because they do not have energy reserves. As a result, the child did not focus on studying in class and had a negative impact on his achievements at school. Inevitably, you have to turn your brain and find a way for your child to eat the food you serve before he goes to school.

Relax, here are various ways you can do to deal with lazy breakfasts.

1. Don't be forced

Even though the child is lazy to eat breakfast, don't ever force him to eat if he doesn't want to. This was revealed by Dr. Dr. I Gusti Lanang Sidiartha, as a nutrition and metabolic consultant pediatrician, who was met by the Hello Sehat team at fX Sudirman, Central Jakarta on Thursday (21/2).

"Make children feel comfortable at breakfast. "If forced, the little one actually becomes stressed and becomes lazy to eat," he said. Dr. Lanang continues that parents may arrange a breakfast menu for children, but let the child take their own food. Either eat directly a lot or little by little, which is important not by being forced.

However, this does not mean you can let the child eat while playing, watching TV, or running around, huh. This kind of distraction or disorder will only make the child focus more on other activities, rather than spending the food.

The important thing is to make sure the child feels comfortable at breakfast. For example, by accompanying children to spend breakfast, prepare an interesting breakfast menu, and so on. The more children feel comfortable, then gradually your child will get used to breakfast at his own desire.

2. Give a good example

Try to remember again, have you been diligently eating breakfast every day? If not, then don't be surprised if the child is lazy to eat too, just like you.

It should be noted that the child is a great copycat. Yes, children must follow the behavior of their parents. If you want your child to eat breakfast regularly, then you also shouldn't miss breakfast every morning.

This was revealed by Dr. Raissa E. Djuanda, M. Gizi, Sp. GK, as a clinical nutrition specialist who was also met by the Hello Sehat team on the same occasion. "His parents must give an example. If only the child is forced, the child will think, how come, I (the child) myself who eats but my parents do not. So, the role of parents is also very important, "said Dr. Raissa.

Therefore, enjoy your breakfast with your little one every day. When a child sees you having breakfast, he will learn and understand that breakfast is important for health. Without realizing it, this can also strengthen the relationship between parents and children, you know!

3. Serve an interesting breakfast menu

Don't be discouraged if you are lazy to have breakfast every day. Try serving an interesting breakfast menu so the child wants breakfast.

Give your child's favorite food, whether it's fried egg or omelet, fried chicken, spinach, and so on. Create the food with interesting shapes, for example changing the shape of rice into balls or doll heads, omelet as a blanket, and broccoli as his hair.

Give a different breakfast menu every day so children don't get bored quickly. Today you have given an omelet as a protein source, then replace it with fried chicken for tomorrow's breakfast menu.

"For children aged 2 years and above, there must be at least 3 sources of protein in the children's breakfast menu. For example eggs, fish, and nuts in one dish. Animal protein must always be there. Because, the macro and micro content tends to be complete. But if you can more, it's better, "said Dr. Lanang.

If you don't have time to prepare breakfast for your child, either because you wake up late or rush to the office, you can also make an easy and practical breakfast menu. For example, toast with eggs, cereal, and so on.

Dr. Raissa has a special trick for parents who don't have time to prepare breakfast for children. "You can also bring provisions for children, such as fruit and milk. If you don't have time to eat at home, this stock can also be eaten in a vehicle or while waiting for the school bell. The important thing is not to miss breakfast, "advises Dr. Raissa while closing the discussion.

Well, so there's no reason for you to give up when the child is lazy to have breakfast. By familiarizing children with breakfast every day, children can start the day with enthusiasm, full of energy, and finally excel at school.

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