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Look at the 6 Common Mistakes When Buying Health Insurance

Buying health insurance cannot be arbitrary. You need to be careful in comparing one health insurance product with another. In addition, carefulness is needed when reading the contents of the requirements normally contained in the policy. If you have chosen the wrong insurance, it will certainly hurt yourself. Then, what mistakes usually occur when buying insurance?

Common mistakes when buying health insurance

Here are some common mistakes when buying health insurance:

1. Do not read the policy carefully

Seeing a list of terms and conditions on a policy that is very much often makes someone lazy to read it. Even though the policy contains your rights and obligations as a customer.

Not to mention there is important information such as the limit of room rent, the duration of waiting time if you already have congenital diseases, pre and post-treatment costs, as well as various other provisions. If you just approve it without reading carefully then you can experience losses later on.

For example, it turns out the price of the room rent paid in the agreement is much lower than what you choose. If so, you must pay the difference from your own pocket.

Therefore, even though it feels lazy you still need to read it until it is finished carefully and ask the insurance agent if there are points that are not understood.

2. Looking for cheap premiums without thinking about the amount of dependents

Source: Realtor News

Premiums are often the main thing to consider when buying health insurance. Generally, many people are tempted by low premiums without thinking about the amount of the costs borne.

As a result, the insurance you have is not enough to cover all the maintenance costs needed. Instead of being free of burdensome costs with insurance, you still have to pay a large amount of money because premiums are too small and cannot cover the cost of care.

Therefore, be careful before buying health insurance. Try to measure what your health care needs are and compare them to those offered by insurance companies. After that, then make an agreement with a variety of mature considerations that have been adapted to the conditions.

3. Hide medical history

When buying health insurance, not a few people hide their medical history. Usually this is done intentionally to avoid paying premiums that are too high.

Other reasons are also usually because they are worried that their insurance application will be rejected. This happens especially if you or your family has a serious illness.

In fact, this step is a big mistake because not disclosing medical conditions clearly and in detail can actually increase the risk of rejection of claims in the future. Also, hiding facts about your medical history is tantamount to tricking insurance companies.

4. Not looking for a comparison product

Sometimes because they are tempted by the initial offer that seems attractive, people in a hurry decide to choose certain health insurance. Even though this is wrong because you should look for a comparison from other similar insurance products.

This is because there may be many other health insurance products out there that are more in line with your financial condition but can still provide maximum benefits according to conditions.

Try to compare several other insurance products by looking at dependency fees, premium fees, the ceiling offered, hospitalization, payment systems, and others.

5. Don't know the procedure for claims

There are various mistakes at the beginning of making insurance that can harm you, one of which is not knowing how to claim.

It is important to find out how to claim from each insurance, not just one insurance. Then, look for a company with the easiest claim procedure so that it won't bother you later.

6. Do not request illustrations and product samples

Insurance is a financial product that is quite complicated. Many people actually don't really understand when the agent explains the information offered but decides to buy it.

If this is the case, it is very prone to misunderstanding information about the health insurance products you buy. Therefore, illustration is one of the best ways to understand the insurance products you want to buy.

Therefore, you must ask for an explanation using illustrations from the relevant agent.

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