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Never Anxious Again, Here Are Tips to Sit Comfortably Despite Having Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoid aka hemorrhoids can be experienced by anyone, although it is more common in pregnant women and people who have chronic diarrhea or constipation. People who have hemorrhoids often complain of pain and pain when sitting. Yes, sitting became uncomfortable and he said making hemorrhoids worse. Then, how about it so that you can still sit comfortably during hemorrhoid?

He said, sitting in the end increased the risk of hemorrhoids

Not just a myth, in fact sitting too long can also be one of the risks of hemorrhoids, even though it's not directly. For example, when you watch television or work, all day sitting at the computer.

Habits that make you less motion, so that weight easily rises instantly. Not to mention if you keep snacking for that long, the easier your weight increases.

If it's not accompanied by regular exercise, you will experience obesity. Well, obesity is one of the risk factors for hemorrhoids.

Not only that, sitting too long can also cause you to experience constipation. This makes you spend more time on the toilet. Constipation also makes you have to push hard when you defecate.

This is what can make you more pressure on the blood vessels around the anus. So that many blood vessels are filled with blood which eventually suppresses the blood vessel wall until it gets bigger.

Therefore, you need to know what sitting position can make you comfortable. So as to reduce pain due to hemorrhoid

Tips to sit comfortably during hemorrhoid

The way of sitting affects the condition of your hemorrhoid, it can make you feel more painful if you are in a wrong position. Sitting comfortably when the hemorrhoid becomes important, so that your condition doesn't get worse.

We recommend that you sit on a soft surface, such as a soft pillow. Because sitting on a hard surface will suppress the gluteal muscles of the buttocks. So that it causes these muscles to stretch, and eventually the blood vessels become swollen.

In addition, to sit comfortably at the hemorrhoid, you also need to change your sitting position in the toilet. When sitting on the toilet, lift your feet on a small bench. By raising your knees above your hips, you change the angle of the rectum and make it easier for the stool to get out of the body.

Also, avoid sitting in the toilet for a long time if you experience constipation. If you are constipated you should wake up and move to help stimulate the intestine, or take a short walk.

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