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Relieve Hemorrhoids Pain With This Choice of Medical and Natural Medicine

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anal canal. This condition causes constipation, anus and pain in the anus. The causes vary, but are most commonly caused by eating less fibrous foods, being overweight, or sitting too long. Hemorrhoids are very common and fortunately can be treated. What are hemorrhoids? Consider the following review.

Rows of medical and natural hemorrhoids medicine

Here are some hemorrhoid medications that can reduce pain while overcoming constipation such as:

1. Docusate sodium

Docusate sodium is usually used as a first aid when constipated. The way it works is to soften the stool by increasing the amount of water absorbed by the feces in the intestine so that it is softer and easier to remove.

Common side effects after using this medication are pain or abdominal cramps, or throat irritation.

2. Lidocaine ointment 5%

Lidocaine is used to reduce pain due to abrasions, minor burns, or insect bites. The way this drug works is to prevent sara from receiving pain signals from the injured part of the skin.

This medicine is in the form of an ointment that is applied to the injured skin. If after the drug is used, the pain will be more intense, most likely it is a side effect of the drug. Stop treatment, look for other drugs that have the same function, such as oral acetaminophen.

3. Witch Hazel

In addition to medical drugs, there are also natural remedies that can treat hemorrhoids, namely witch hazel. The natural ingredients available in the form of this liquid are anti-inflammatory, which can reduce itching and pain.

How to use it, just apply the medication to the swollen anus area. Witch hazel is quite safe to use, but the risk of side effects persists, for example skin irritation.

4. Aloe vera gel

Just like witch hazel, aloe vera gel can be an option for overcoming various skin conditions. Including treating skin irritation due to hemorrhoids. Many products contain aloe vera gel, but to treat hemorrhoids it is better to use a gel directly from the aloe vera plant.

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