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Tired of couples who like to criticize? Come on, Try These 4 Wise Ways

It's true there is no perfect partner. However, what if you deal with people who like to criticize every time? Moreover, the criticism that was raised was that it dropped and did not build at all. For example, say you are fat and tell a diet or criticize your appearance. So, how to deal with it when a boyfriend likes to criticize?

How to deal with a boyfriend who likes to criticize

Brandy Engler, Ph.D., author of The Men On My Couch, states that dealing with people who like to criticize can make your self-esteem decrease and slow down your enthusiasm. In fact, the relationship will feel very hard to live with. Therefore, try doing the following things to deal with it:

1. Don't reply

If a girlfriend likes to criticize you with a variety of negative comments that are debilitating, don't reply. Even if you feel emotional, hold yourself back from throwing similar criticisms.

If you reciprocate, what will happen is a great and endless fight. Like, you like splashing kerosene into a fire. If you respond with similar criticism, your sign is the same as him.

2. Talk to him gently

Fire will not be extinguished if returned by fire. Fire can only be extinguished with water. Therefore, do not reply just as harshly when you are criticized. You must speak to him gently. Let your partner slowly know how you feel when he says you are fat.

When expressing feelings, use the words "I" rather than "you". Example sentences for example "I'm sad if you say I'm fat". This is because sentences starting with your words like "You always say I'm fat", actually seem to attack a partner. For this reason, if you want to make your partner know your true feelings, use my words when speaking.

3. Ask your partner to say it better

When a girlfriend likes to criticize, convey your feelings or resentment to him. Tell him that the way he criticizes has made you hurt. Tell him that you will understand it if he expresses it well.

Then, give an example so that the couple is not confused or misunderstood. Give an example of a sentence that you want to hear, for example, asking your partner to tell you in a way, "You are mostly snacking, you rarely exercise. Let's work together. "

The sentence actually means that you are fat. However, if delivered in a better way it feels more pleasant to hear. But remember, slowly convey so that your intentions are well understood by him.

4. Change the way you respond

When couples like to criticize, you usually will not be able to change his attitude quickly and instantly. Therefore, rather than you continue to feel hurt to hear the criticism that never ends, try changing the way you respond.

Make this an input for yourself. Even though you don't like how to deliver it, try to accept it. In addition, try to see, whether the couple lately is stressed and many thoughts to throw criticism that is not pleasant? If indeed yes, this can also be your consideration so as not to put it directly into the heart.

Even though it's not instant, there's nothing wrong with trying various ways when a girlfriend likes to criticize.

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