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Variety of Bloody Hemorrhoid Treatment, from Doctors and Naturally

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids usually make it difficult for you to sit comfortably. Hemorrhoid occurs when the blood vessels in the lower anus and rectum are swollen. Sitting too long or pushing too hard can make hemorrhoids bleed. To treat hemorrhoid bleeding, do the following methods.

Treat bleeding hemorrhoids with doctor's care

Bloody hemorrhoid is usually caused by irritation or damage to the wall. To overcome this, there are several treatment options that are usually recommended, namely:

Method of rubber band ligation

This method is done by binding to the base of the hemorrhoids that grow inside the rectum layer using a small rubber band. This technique aims to limit the flow of blood to the part so that the hemorrhoid tissue will die, contract, and detach itself.


Sclerotherapy is a treatment that is done by injecting a drug solution into the hemorrhoid tissue. This method is done to reduce the size of hemorrhoids.


The coagulation technique is carried out using laser or infrared light. This method aims to make hemorrhoids that grow in the rectum layer shrink, dry, until finally released.


Hemorrhoidectomy is performed to remove excess tissue that causes bleeding. This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia combined with sedatives, spinal anesthesia, or general anesthesia. Surgery is the most effective way to treat hemorrhoids that have been severe and continue to recur.

Home care to relieve hemorrhoids

Source: hemorrhoids.qsota.com

In addition to medical treatment, home care can also help relieve hemorrhoid symptoms. Some ways that can be done, including:

Sitz bath

Sitz bathing (sitz bath) is done by soaking the genitals and buttocks into warm water. This method is done to reduce pain due to inflamed hemorrhoids. Sitz bath also helps reduce irritation from bleeding hemorrhoids. Do this method three times a day for 10 to 15 minutes each.

Cold compress

To relieve pain due to broken and bleeding hemorrhoids, try compressing it with cold water. You can also wrap a few ice cubes with a towel and sit on it.

How to treat bleeding hemorrhoids is useful to reduce inflammation and soothe the injured area. You can keep quiet and sit on ice cubes wrapped in towels for about 20 minutes.

Apply a special hemorrhoid cream

You can also apply a commercially available hemorrhoid cream to external hemorrhoids (outside the rectum). As for internal hemorrhoids, use suppositories that contain hydrocortisone to help relieve inflammation.

Consumption of fibrous foods

Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables can reduce your hemorrhoid symptoms. The reason is that your bowel movements are smooth and your stool is softer so you don't have to strain to get it out.

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