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Why Are Some People Afraid of Blood, Why Faint?

Blood is very important for human life. Its functions are very diverse, such as supplying oxygen and food nutrients throughout the body so that the organs of the body can work normally. In addition, blood also flows hormones and fight infections. When you fall or get scratched, the injured skin will bleed. Although only a small wound, there are some people who are very scared when they see blood. So, what's the cause? Come on, you know the reason why there are people who are so scared of blood following this.

Why are there people who are afraid of blood?

Fear of blood is one type of phobia known as hemophobia. This term is taken from the Greek "haima" which means blood and "phobos" which means fear. In addition, hemophobia is also known as hematophobia.

This condition causes a person to feel anxious, nauseous, and even faint when they see blood. Both blood coming out of his body, other people, animals, even from films or pictures.

What are the symptoms?

All phobias have similar physical and emotional symptoms. Although different in each person, the symptoms that generally occur in people with hemophobia are:

  • Breathless
  • Heart beat quickly followed by chest pain
  • Body trembling, dizziness, nausea and sweating
  • Extreme anxiety or panic
  • Missing control and hallucinations
  • Lost consciousness
  • Feeling scared and helpless
In some cases, hemotophobia also causes a vasovagal response. This condition indicates that blood pressure and heart rate have decreased. This is a unique symptom of hemophobia which is not common in other phobias.

While children who are afraid of blood, usually show symptoms, such as tantrums, crying, trying hard to hide or sticking to others to get security, and refusing to see things related to blood.

Who is at risk for hematopobia?

Hemophobia is a specific phobia that often appears in childhood, around the age of 10 to 13 years. These extreme fears usually also appear together with psychoneurotic disorders, such as agoraphobia, animal phobia, tripanophobia (fear of needles), misophobia (fear of germs) and panic attacks.

In addition to having psychoneurotic disorders, fear of blood is more likely to occur in people with conditions such as the following:

  • Heredity factors or cared for by parents and caregivers who have excessive anxiety or are too protective
  • Experiencing trauma like an accident that causes a lot of blood or death

Then, how is the treatment?

Symptoms of fear of snakes can be mild or severe. So, treatment will be adjusted to the severity of the symptoms. However, generally this extreme fear can be overcome in several ways, such as:

Cognitive therapy and relaxation

Controlling fear with blood can be done with therapy. The trick, replacing your negative thoughts with blood becomes a positive thought. That way, while you are seeing blood, you are most likely to be able to control yourself from fear. Maybe you need to take a blood test several times from pictures or films to get more familiar.

Besides fear, hemaphobia also makes you anxious. You can overcome this anxiety with relaxation therapy. That is, exercising breathing so that breathing becomes better, stress and anxiety can be reduced, and the mind becomes clearer.

Taking medication

In addition to therapy, another way to deal with hemophobia is taking medication. The doctor will give you antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs, as well as other drugs that can help you improve your condition.

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