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Why, we can't smell body odor by ourselves?

You may have tried reflexing to bring your nose to the armpit for fear of body odor. However, you don't even smell anything, whether it's body odor or perfume that has just been sprayed on your clothes. Have you ever wondered why you can smell other people's bodies, but can't smell yourself? Find out the following facts.

The human nose can detect trillions of types of odor

Entering the rainy season, you can breathe in the aroma of a soothing smell of earth. Likewise with the smell of grass after being hit by rain, the aromas of pizza that are tempting, to the smell of socks that are not pleasant because of sweating.

You can even smell body odor or perfume someone else's perfume while nearby. Because indeed, a study in the journal Nature in 2014 revealed that humans have the ability to smell a trillion kinds of smell in the world, you know!

You may have been diligent about taking a shower and using deodorant to avoid unpleasant body odor. But without realizing it, a friend at the next table is still avoiding and complaining about the odor. Immediately you reflex smell the armpit, but it turns out it doesn't even smell anything. How could that be?

Why is it hard to smell body odor yourself?

It is very easy to smell other people's bodies. Yes, you only have to sit next to it and immediately smell it. But unfortunately, this does not apply if you try to smell body odor yourself. Why is that, huh?

This condition is called olfactory fatigue, which is when the human sense of smell is used to kissing and recognizing certain types of odors. So often, the smell receptors in the nose become tired and eventually stop detecting the type of smell. This also applies when you try to smell your own body.

This was revealed by Pamela Dalton, a psychologist from the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. He revealed that when you smell a certain odor for the first time, the odor receptors in the nose will send signals to the brain and determine whether this smell includes the smell of smell or foul odor.

However, when you constantly smell the same aroma every day, your brain will get used to receiving signals that recognize the smell. At this time, the brain will consider it as information that is not important anymore.

For example, you install an automatic air freshener with lavender fragrance in the room. The air freshener can be set to spray the fragrance every 5, 10 or 30 minutes.

At first, you may notice every time the scent of lavender spreads to the whole room. Over time, your nose becomes accustomed to kissing the scent of lavender until it doesn't recognize it anymore. You also move as usual in the room, as if you were not smelling anything.

Likewise when you wear perfume, you cannot smell the perfume that you use every day. But when you replace perfume, the smell receptors in the nose will send signals to the brain to recognize the new type of smell. Again and again, your nose will get used to and make you unable to smell body odor or the aroma of perfume again. So on.

How do you smell your own body odor?

Actually, you can smell your own body, you know! Eits, wait a minute. This is not by raising your hand and holding your nose close to the armpit so that the aroma smells, huh.

You need another object to be able to smell your own body. Not by wiping the surface of the armpit and kissing your finger, but by removing the clothes and sniffing the smell of the clothes.

Likewise if you want to check bad breath. You certainly can't smell bad breath by blowing your palm and sniffing the smell. The trick, lick the back of your hand or arm and let the saliva dry. After that, try to finish the area of ​​the skin you licked earlier.

Now, you can try to smell body odor or smell your own mouth. Good luck!

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