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4 Right Ways to Stop Bedwetting Habits on Your Little One

After being born into the world, there are many things that your baby must learn. One of them is to train children to use toilets (toilet training) so they can stop using diapers. Even though they can hold urine during the day, children still like to wet their bed. So, how to deal with bedwetting children at night? Come on, see the discussion below.

How to deal with child bedwetting at night

If you are over 5 years old, your child should no longer wet the bed. This makes the bed smelly and you need to change sheets and blankets every day. It's really tiring, isn't it? In addition to making you troublesome, the habit of child bedwetting is certainly not going to be good if left to adulthood.

Don't worry, you can follow some ways to stop bedwetting habits in children like the following:

1. Keep making sure your child's fluid needs are met

Reducing fluid intake in children is not a way to deal with bedwetting children right. The little one still has to meet his body's fluid needs, whether from water, juice, milk or food.

Getting children to drink enough water turns out to help empty the urinary tubes and improve the sensitivity of the surrounding muscles and nerves. Ask the child whether he needs to go to the toilet or not every two hours.

2. Train to get used to urinating at night

Generally, children like to wet their bed because they are not used to waking up at night to the toilet. So, he needs to practice several times to get used to it. The trick, ask the child to drink a glass of water before night.

Then, let the child pretend to sleep on the bed for at least an hour. Then, ask him to go to the toilet. This exercise can build memory in the muscles in the bladder. You can apply exercise to children aged 3 years regularly.

3. Limit water intake before going to bed and pay attention to food choices

To prevent a child from wetting at night, limit how much he drinks at night. Also, foods that interfere with bladder function. For example, foods and drinks that contain caffeine, such as chocolate, tea and coffee. Also, avoid orange juice and protein foods that interfere with sleep.

4. Give appreciation and go to the doctor if needed

If your child shows progress during the exercise even works, don't forget to give appreciation to him. You can give praise for his hard work or gifts as a sign of his success. If the method for overcoming the bedwetting child above, is still not effective, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

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