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5 Natural Fever Medications You Can Find at Home

Fever is actually not a disease, but an immune system reaction to infection, disease, or other underlying conditions. You really do not need to need to take febrifuge if the fever is mild.

The body temperature will decrease by itself with enough rest. But if you want to quickly get back fit to be able to move as usual, there are many natural fever drugs around you that are effective in taming hot flashes in the body.

Various natural fever medicines that you can try at home

1. Compress warm water

Cold water compresses have been used as natural fever medicines since the days of our ancestors. In fact, cold compresses cannot really cure fever. What actually happens is that the body translates the cold temperature as a threat, which makes the body increase its temperature and aggravate the fever.

Warm compresses are a more effective method for reducing fever than cold compresses. Widespread blood vessels due to warm temperatures can trigger sweat production and facilitate heat dissipation from the body, so that body temperature will naturally decrease from the inside.

Simply soak a clean washcloth in a bowl of lukewarm water (not hot water!), Squeeze the remaining water, and try to apply it directly to the armpit area. You can re-soak it in cold water and repeat compressing if necessary. But do not paste more than 20 minutes and give pause for 10 minutes before starting to compress again.

2. Take a warm bath

High body temperature sometimes makes you feel warm and uncomfortable. But don't be tempted to flush your body with cold water. Similar to cold compresses, this one tactic will immediately constrict blood vessels so that it slows blood flow to the site of inflammation.

On the other hand, this extreme temperature difference actually makes the body temperature drop suddenly, which triggers the body to shiver. A warm bath helps reduce fever gradually and safely.

3. Drink more fluids

According to doctor William Schaffner of Vanderbilt School of Medicine, the most effective natural fever medicine is fluid consumption. Expand rest and drink warm water or sports drinks. In addition to water, it's perfectly fine to drink warm fresh tea of ​​any kind (can be sweetened with honey or add sliced ​​ginger to warm the body) and fresh fruit juice. Drinking vegetable broth or chicken soup also helps to reduce fever.

Drink 1 to 2 cups of herbal tea (or other warm liquids) every few hours as needed. Steam from hot food can thin the mucus that clogs the nose and also triggers sweat production - both of which help lower body temperature.

4. Wet socks

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, this wet sock technique works to help reduce fever. Before going to bed, soak a pair of cotton socks in the water, squeeze the remaining water, and put it on the soles of the feet like compressing the forehead. Then, use thick cotton socks or wool socks (which are dry, yes!) To coat the wet socks.

During your sleep, your body will begin to release and circulate lymph fluid and faster blood flow to the ends of the feet to stimulate the body's immune system activity to combat the "threat" of cold temperatures in the area. You can repeat this tactic for 5-6 consecutive days to reduce fever, if needed.

5. Expand to eat fruit

Fruits such as the citrus family, guava, kiwi, papaya, strawberries, pineapple, and mango are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that supports the body's immune system to fight infection and accelerate healing.

Bananas can help replace the body's potassium intake lost during sweating - also during vomiting and diarrhea, if your fever is followed by these symptoms. Choose fresh fruit instead of canned fruit products or packaged fruit juices with added sugar. High intake of sugar can inhibit your immune system.

When should a fever be seen by a doctor?

In fact, the various fever medications above will only help you feel a little better and not really cure fever. The only most effective way to reduce fever is to treat the root of the disease that is the cause of fever.

It's best to always consult with your doctor about your fever to get the best treatment, and take fever-lowering drugs according to the doctor's instructions. And if the fever is already high (or already high from the start, above 38 ° C), immediately visit a doctor.

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