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Beard Dandruff Makes It Not Comfortable? Overcome With These 4 Tips

Dandruff is the most common skin problem. Not only on the scalp, dandruff can also appear on the beard. These white and itchy flakes on the beard will definitely make you very disturbed and insecure. So, how to deal with it? Come on, see tips for overcoming dandruff beard in the following review.

Why can beard dandruff?

Almost everyone has Malassezia globosa mushrooms on their skin. This fungus is usually around the skin that has many sebaceous glands (oil glands), such as the scalp and face. The main task of this fungus helps break down sebum (oil) produced by sebaceous glands so that it stimulates the replacement of new skin cells.

Normally, the cycle of skin cell replacement takes around 30 days. Unfortunately, the amount of unbalanced mushrooms can cause skin cell regeneration to become faster, accumulate, and cause dandruff. Well, beard dandruff is not like dandruff on the scalp because flaking skin flakes are usually less.

Tips for overcoming dandruff on a beard

Overcoming dandruff beard means removing dead skin cells around the chin and controlling extra oil. Actions that are generally carried out are regular cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliation. To be clearer, note the explanation of cleaning dandruff in the following beard.

1. Cut your beard

The easiest way to deal with dandruff on a beard is to shave a beard. This helps you make your chin skin easier. If you still want to maintain the beard, just clean it to make it easier to clean.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a technique to accelerate exfoliation of dead skin cells. Apart from being applied to the face, this technique can also be a treatment for dandruff beard. The trick, prepare a scrub for exfoliation and a special brush for a soft beard. In addition to removing dead skin that builds up, using a beard brush also helps control the oil on the chin.

Use and apply scrub to your beard. Then, smooth with a brush and massage gently. Remember not to rub the brush too hard on your chin so that it doesn't worsen dandruff. Then, clean the beard with running water.

2. Routinely cleaned

If you have a beard, you need to treat it like your hair. Care must be taken regularly with the usual shampoo for shampooing hair. However, to be more effective in overcoming dandruff beard, look for shampoo that contains the following ingredients:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Coal tar
  • Selenium sulfide
  • Pyrithione zinc

Wet your beard with clean water. Then, pour the shampoo up and rub until foamy. Massage a beard shampoo and make sure it reaches your chin skin. Let it stand for one minute and rinse thoroughly. Avoid using too much shampoo so that your chin skin isn't dry.

3. Routine use of moisturizer

White flakes on your beard can be caused by dry skin. So that the chin skin is more moist, then be diligent to moisturize your beard.

But wait, moisturizing the beard is not like moisturizing the skin with a lotion. This skin moisturizer can leave a lot of residue and make dandruff beard worse. So, choose essential oils that are specifically for beards, such as argan oil.

After the beard has been cleaned, dry it with a towel. Then drop one or two essential oils on the hands, rub them, and massage them into the skin of the chin to the end of the beard.

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