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Don't be wrong, this is the difference between secrets and privacy in relationships

Secrets and privacy often trigger fights because they are considered similar. On the one hand you consider that cellphones are privacy so they don't want to lend them to anyone, including partners. On the other hand, couples assume that your cellphone cannot be borrowed because of something secret. As a result, couples will feel upset and angry because they think you keep a secret from him. In order to no longer misunderstand, unite your understanding of the differences in secrets and privacy in relationships through the following reviews.

Differences in secrets and privacy in relationships

So that you and your partner no longer argue about secrets and privacy, you should find out the fundamental differences between the two. Reporting from Psychology Today, a secret is a situation where someone intentionally hides something. Usually this is done because of fear there is a negative impact if he shares it with others, including the couple.

While privacy is a condition when someone wants to be free from observation or interference from others. Privacy can also be interpreted as the desire to be undisturbed by anything and anyone related to personal needs, values, and beliefs. Therefore, many people feel angry when their privacy is violated.

It should be noted that the fundamental difference between secrets and privacy is the extent to which information or conditions can affect your relationship and your partner if known to each other. For example, you feel that cellphones are privacy that cannot be contested. Only you can tamper with the cellphone.

However, when a couple opens a cell phone without knowledge, of course you will be angry. However, this anger is usually limited because you feel your privacy is violated, not because there are messages, calls, or intimate photos with other people who are afraid of being known by the couple.

If you are angry because you feel there is something that your partner should not know on your cellphone, the sign is that you have kept a secret. Well, this secret is usually the source of trigger problems in relationships, both dating and marriage.

Privacy is highly permissible in relationships

Even though you and your partner are married, privacy is very important in relationships and allowed. Privacy will not damage your relationship and your partner - as long as it is agreed together. With the privacy that has been agreed upon with each other, the sign is that you respect and respect each other's personal boundaries.

You and your partner can discuss each other about what limits need to be respected. That way, you and your partner will feel safe, supported, and accepted. However, this privacy limit must be discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

Saving secrets can damage trust

Secrets are things that tend to be hidden because of the fear of the effects that arise if known. Therefore, secrets usually involve matters that are quite sensitive to the owner. This is the reason why keeping secrets in relationships tends to damage trust.

If trust is broken, you will find it difficult to build healthy relationships over mutual trust. Therefore, try to always be honest and open with your partner. Distinguish which ones include privacy in relationships and which are confidential.

Never hide secrets from your partner, especially those related to debt, illness, work problems, infidelity, or drug addiction. No matter how difficult or sensitive the problem is, find the right time to discuss it with your partner.

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