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Even though it's fresh, it's best to avoid drinking soda before or after exercise. This is the reason

Keeping your body hydrated is important, especially if you have just finished exercising. Usually, most people will immediately look for fresh and cold drinks to quench their thirst, one of them is soft drinks. But wait, can you drink soda after exercise? Read the following review.

The effect of drinking soda after exercise

Soft drinks can indeed help relieve dry throat after activity. But you should avoid these types of drinks if you want to start or just finished exercising.

Soft drinks contain simple sugars that can be absorbed quickly by the body. Even though it sounds beneficial, it still makes your blood sugar level jump immediately.

Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDE, a spokesperson from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, revealed that this effect was only temporary. After drinking soda, your body will use almost all of the sugar from soft drinks to replace lost energy. As a result, your blood sugar which initially rises actually drops dramatically again.

Instead of making it powerful, drinking soda after exercise actually makes the body easily tired and thirsty. In fact, launching from Livestrong, drinking soda after exercise is not recommended because it can trigger stomach pain in some athletes.

Especially for those of you who are trying to lose weight with exercise, drinking soda before or after exercise can disrupt this business.

Sports can indeed burn more calories. But by drinking soda afterwards, the calories in the body will increase again so that your weight will not go down.

You may drink soda after exercise, as long as ...

The good news, drinking soda after exercise is allowed for certain cases. For example, for triathlon athletes who need long resistance, soft drinks can help increase energy up to many times.

The content of sugar and caffeine in soft drinks can add a lot of energy to overcome fatigue quickly. Not only that, soda can also help relieve flatulence that often occurs in athletes who have a longer exercise time.

But again, this does not mean that it works for all types of sports! It's good, replace your carbonated drink with just water.

Water remains the best drink to be consumed before and after exercise. Because the water can make you stay hydrated without making blood sugar drop.

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