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First Aid When The Penis Is Pinched In A Zipper

It turns out that cases of penis pinched zips are quite common. According to a study in the BJU International Urology Journal, there were around 17,616 people who fled to the emergency room (ER) because of a genital injury caused by a zipper. Most of these injuries are related to the penis and occur in children and adolescents under 18 years. If you are one of those who experience it, this is the first aid you can take.

First aid when the penis is pinched in a zipper

1. Don't panic

When your genitals are accidentally pinched, you will definitely feel panic reflexively. But try to control yourself and stay calm. When you panic, you can just do things that actually make things worse.

Do not pull the penis that is pinched by force because it can cause more severe injuries. In addition, avoid cutting your own zips because it risks making penis wounds worse.

2. Apply mineral oil

Steven M. Selbst, pediatric lecturer and vice chairman at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia stated that the first thing to do when the penis is pinched by rhythm is to apply it with mineral oil. If it's not there, you can use baby oil or petroleum jelly.

Apply oil to all your genitals and also the zipper. Then, leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes. Usually, this method will help the skin soften and detach itself from the zipper that traps it. However, if it doesn't come out you need to take the next step.

3. Go to the doctor

Cutting the zipper is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, this needs to be done by experts. Do not linger anymore, immediately go to the doctor to get the right treatment. The reason is, a pinched penis will usually experience swelling or bleeding.

Usually the doctor will apply an anesthetic cream when trying to remove it from the zipper. This is so that you do not feel pain that is too severe. In addition, the doctor will also give you pain relievers to relieve the sensation.

Don't try to treat it yourself because the infection can occur. Besides that, there's no need to be shy about asking your family or closest person to take you to the hospital.

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