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Really Use Socks Can Prevent Foot Odor?

Foot odor must be very disturbing. Not only you, other people are also tormented by this smell. Well, one way to prevent smelly feet is to wear socks. However, is this really effective? Come on, see the explanation below.

Use socks to avoid bad smell

In addition to the armpit, your feet can also produce unpleasant odors. Why? The foot that is responsible for handling and helping you to walk and run, you can also sweat. When the bacteria around the feet eat dead skin cells and oil on the skin of the feet, the bacteria will form organic acids. Well, it is this acid that causes unpleasant odors when you breathe.

Bacteria that stick to the skin of your feet or your shoes consist of various types. Generally caused by Brevibacteria, which eat dead skin on the feet and produce the smell of sulfur in the feet. Then, propionibacteria which produce vinegar-smelling propionic acid and staphylococcus epidermidis which produce a musty odor.

To prevent this annoying foot odor, you need a strategy. One way is to wear socks. Although it seems trivial, this method is effective enough to reduce and even prevent odor in the feet. Choose socks made of cotton or wool that can absorb sweat well and make your feet breathe freely.

Avoid wearing shoes without socks or choosing socks made of nylon, polyster or acrylic. These ingredients do not absorb sweat well, make the feet moist, and make the feet smell very easily.

Apart from socks, pay attention to some of these things too

If the choice of socks is right, the cleanliness of socks must also be maintained. Your feet will still smell if the socks you use are just that. Because the socks that are worn these days have been exposed to sweat and accumulated bacteria. So, you need to change socks regularly, which is once a day.

How to wash socks also may not be origin. You have to flip the inside of the socks before washing. Then, rinse thoroughly and dry it in the sun. After drying, store your socks in a clean and dry place.

Avoid using socks or shoes that are still wet. This will make the feet easy to damp and smell bad. Before using socks, clean your feet from sweat, dead skin cells, and bacteria with soap. Then, dry between your toes with a towel. If necessary, use special antiperspirants to prevent foot odor and easy sweating.

Next, make sure that you don't use the same shoes every day. Wear the same shoes for days to make your feet smell easier. So, always prepare clean and dry shoes for use the next day.

If the odor of the foot is not lost and continues to sweat, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. You most likely have health problems and need prescription drugs from your doctor to prevent excessive sweat production.

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