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This Is A Result If You Don't Change Your Underwear After Sports

Sports will make the whole body flood sweat, especially in areas covered like groin. Trapped sweat will make the underwear damp and an ideal place for fungi and bacteria to grow. So, you should immediately change your underwear after exercise if you don't want to experience the following conditions.

As a result of not changing underwear after exercise

1. Increases the risk of yeast fungal infections for women

If you are a very active woman and always exercise regularly, you should change your underwear frequently after exercising. Yeast mushrooms like to grow in damp and dark environments, especially if your underwear is made of synthetic materials such as nylon. If not, you run the risk of developing yeast fungal infections both inside and outside the vagina.

2. Trigger urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections occur due to the transfer of bacteria from the anus to the vagina. The risk is even higher if you often ride bicycles. To prevent this, you are advised to immediately take a shower and change your underwear when you finish exercising. Make sure your whole body is also completely dry.

3. Causes irritation

The habit of not changing underwear after exercise can also cause irritation and rash on the skin folds called intertriginosa. This condition can occur in the armpit, abdomen, lower breast, and groin. Irritations in the fold area are often accompanied by fungal and bacterial infections.

4. Causes skin problems

Skin problems can not only appear on the face, but also in the groin if you do not change your underwear after exercise. Sweat, dirt, and oil trapped in underwear will clog pores, cause redness and irritation, and increase the risk of infection. The result is skin problems and zits in your sensitive area.

5. Increases the risk of balanitis in men

Yeast fungi and active bacteria develop in damp and dark groin areas. If left unchecked, this can trigger inflammation of the penis head called balanitis. Although it is more common in men who have not been circumcised, balanitis can also occur if you do not maintain personal hygiene.

Changing underwear after exercising is very important, but it may still be underestimated by most people. In fact, these bad habits can cause problems in your health. Come on, fix the habits from now so that your body is not only fit, but also clean and well-maintained.

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