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Worth a try, these are 4 effective tips to prevent nausea after exercise

Nausea after exercise is a condition that many people experience. This condition is triggered by many things from starting to exercise on an empty stomach to the type of exercise that is too heavy. To prevent this from happening to you, let's practice the following important things.

How to prevent nausea after exercise

1. Warm up and cool down

Sports that start and end suddenly can stimulate nausea afterwards. The reason is, just like muscles and joints, organs can feel jerks when suddenly starting or stopping. You have to do it slowly so that the body can adapt well.

Therefore, you should not miss heating and cooling before or after training. This is done in order to stretch the muscles and reduce heart rate and prevent nausea after exercise.

2. Exercise in a weather that is not too hot

Places and weather that is too hot can make you more easily tired and even experience heat strokes. In addition, exercising in extreme heat also makes you prone to severe dehydration which makes blood pressure drop dramatically. .

These various things trigger side effects that are equally uncomfortable, namely nausea after exercise. Therefore, avoid exercising in the afternoon when the sun is hot. It would be much better if you exercise in the morning or evening.

3. Eat before exercising

Exercising on an empty stomach can certainly make you experience nausea after exercise. This is because blood sugar levels in the body are too low due to the lack of energy supplies supplied. To prevent this, you can eat healthy snacks 30 minutes before exercising such as biscuits or bananas.

Besides snacks, you can also eat heavy foods that are filling like rice. However, make sure to eat it two hours before exercising especially if you eat foods that are high in fat and protein.

Quoted from Healthline, these two types of food need two times longer to digest. Therefore, give your digestive system time to complete so that nausea after exercise is not felt.

4. Exercise according to the portion

Never force yourself when exercising. Stop when you feel unable. The reason is that exercise that is too hard can trigger nausea and other problems after exercise. Therefore, do not because you want to look great then you force yourself to do an exercise that turns out to be unable to live.

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