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The Best Music Choices to Boost Sports Spirit

It is incomplete to exercise without listening to music. In fact, certain genres of music were able to determine the rhythm of one's sport. To be more enthusiastic, let's find out the right genre of music to accompany you in sports.

The benefits of listening to music during sports

Not only makes exercise more fun, listening to music has many benefits for fitness. A study published in PLOS One proves music can extend time and increase the intensity of exercise without making you tired quickly.

Music diverts the mind so that we do not realize that we have been exercising long enough without feeling drained of energy. Tempo from the music that was mentioned was the key factor.

In addition, the rhythm of the music that is listened to during sports also stimulates the brain's motor area to know when to move. This makes you able to use your body's energy more efficiently because you exercise at a speed that is still in line with music.

A study in 2010 found that a cyclist paddled harder when listening to a faster tempo of music. But when the tempo of the music slows down, the stroke is automatically slower than before.

Ideally, music that has 120 to 140 beats per minute is enough to get you excited about exercising.

 Music genre that is suitable for sports

listening to music during sports
Choosing which genre of music is most suitable for sports actually returns to the likes of each person. This also does not mean high intensity exercise (HIIT), gymnastics, and strength training requires loud and fast music.

There is no one special music genre that is definitely suitable for everyone. Music with a fast rhythm can indeed increase the intensity of a person while exercising. However, slow music also helps restore the body in quick time. Not only that. Music with slow rhythm also lowers blood pressure and heart rate during and after exercise.

According to professional sports and yoga coach Kenta Seki, the music you like determines the success of the sport you are doing. Whatever the genre, as long as you like it, it will make you excited about exercising.

In fact, yoga that is synonymous with calm can use faster tempo songs such as pop, rock, and hip hop.

However, research published in the International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology looks at several musical genres and their suitability for certain sports, namely:


Rap is a music genre that is most suitable for running. This type of music usually makes a person can run 150 to 190 steps per minute.


Pop music is suitable for sports that tend to be slow with repetitive types. For this reason, this one genre of music is suitable to accompany you when warming up with aerobics and cooling. This is because pop music usually has regular rhythms and beats.


Dance music is suitable when you are doing strength training that is quite heavy. This is because the bass is quite fast and rhythmic so it is very suitable to be heard while doing weight training.


Researchers found that rock music needs to be avoided during cardio and high intensity exercises. Because the changes in different tempos can affect the rhythm of one's sport. As a result, when someone is even exhausted, this type of music can still make you continue to move to the beat.

Old song

Dr. Karageorghis as the research team leader stated that the maximum effect of listening to music when exercising is obtained when listening to songs that remind someone of adolescence and early adulthood. By listening to nostalgic songs a person will usually feel younger, fit, and excited.

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